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PDF watermark software for Mac

Protect your PDF files with elegant watermarks/stamps.

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Works on Mac OS X.

Now the ease of our watermark software can be used for PDF files also. You can protect your precious PDF files on your mac by adding your name or your company's name in the pdf file in an elegant way. The watermark can also state commonly used words like "Confidential" or "For Internal Use Only" to caution the reader.
This PDF watermarker is the one of the easiest PDF watermark software in the industry. Just try it out for yourself absolutely free!
You can watermark multiple PDF files in one shot, thus saving time and money. The cool part is that the best settings are automatically applied to each PDF for best results during watermark operation. If you want to add watermark to pdf files in bulk , i.e. in batch mode you can just drag drop your files into the application, edit the text that you want for the watermark and click on the apply watermarks button. You are done!
If you add draft watermark to pdf you will be able to label and protect your pdf documents from easily.

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