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Why add watermark to photos?

watermark - comments

Add watermark to  Communicate better

Appropriate comments on photo is a much more powerful medium to express your thoughts compared to a plain photo. Adding witty or emotional comments will definitely enhance the impact of your photos.
Look at this baby demanding more food!!

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copyright on photo

Declare copyright on photos.

Add watermark of 
copyright  symbol to all your images to declare your copyright on photos to the world. This will prevent theft of your photos online. You can even add watermarks to your art work and digitial pictures that you share online.

Preserve memories with comments, date stamp on photos

Add watermark of  precious moments of your family. For example watemarks of dates, occasion, place etc - so that when your memory starts fading your photos will speak everything. 
photo caption. Baby sits up.
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free advertising using watermark

Free Advertising using watermarks

Add watermark of your website name or company name on your photos. Whenever people see your pictures on the internet or print media, your brand is automatically promoted through your watermarked pictures. This is a great way to get promoted without spending a ton of money on advertising on the internet.

Add watermark to prevent unauthorized use of photos

The presence of copyright mark or name on the images dissuades people from copying and distributing your images as their own. This is important.

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watermark photo example - copyright mark

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