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How to watermark photos?

First,  download the watermark software from the download page and install on your computer. The watermark installer guides you through the installation and launches the watermarker application. Follow these easy steps to learn how to watermark photos in no time!

1. Select the photos.
    You can select the photos by either clicking on the (+) button or dragging-dropping your photos on the application window.

2. Edit the text that you want to watermark on the photos. By default the copyright watermark sign is checked and will appear on the photo. If you want to remove the copright watermark, you just need to uncheck the check-box.
    The text in watermark can be shown as multiple lines with transparency.

     2(a). (Optional step) You can  change watermark position by clicking on any one the 9 radio buttons that depict position. The preview of the the text watermark at the respective position is shown in the preview window. By default the watermark position is in the center of the image.

     2(b). (Optional step) You can resize image dimensions by selecting from the drop down or specifying custom options (at the bottom of drop down).

     2(c). (Optional step) You can change the image format of the output. The default is JPG.

3. Just click on the "Apply watermarks" button and the watermarking process will start. The watermarked photos will  be placed in the output folder and folder opens automatically.

You are done!! "How to watermark?" is now as easy as 1-2-3. Please see the illustration below.

How to watermark photo - illustration 

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