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About Us

We believe:
(i)   Photo owners who post on the internet should be able to label/copyright their photos.
(ii)  You shouldn't have to carry the details of photographs separately (in your head or in your diary)
(iii)  A product so fundamental should be very very easy to use. So easy and intuitive that no help/manual is required.

How it started:

Browsing through the dusty family albums we weren't sure when or where many of the pictures were taken.  This gets worse for  digital photographs on your computer or disc because of the sheer number of photos stored. Even a few months down the line people tend to forget about  photo details. All you need is a few clues about the photo. And where's a better spot to place clues than the photo itself ?
Not just that, we kept seeing many cases of image plagiarism. There are many stories of photo ownership disputes on the internet.
We decided to address these basic issues so common with digital photo use.

Contact Us :
email:  support [at] thebatchwatermarks [dot] com

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